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Underwear Suggestion: 2eros Pegasus Jockstrap for men

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This mens jockstrap underwear from 2eros is value for money when you ask for the combination of good looks and comfort. Things are based on quality and positive craftsmanship with expertly sourced creators and suppliers once you choose the mens underwear brand 2eros. The plans of 2eros Pegasus Jockstrap for men are crazy about expansive refinements to achieve the ideal pairs among comfort and style. Regardless of what mens underwear style you are deciding to wear, 2EROS has it just for you. Each arrangement exceptionally regards advancement by researching a variety of solid and enchanting constructions, beyond the standard choices.
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Mens Jockstrap Underwear
Image Source: 2eros

About the brand

2eros handles the fine assortment it has available all around the world to attract the buyers and give them surety. 2eros underwear is exuberant and different from the past variants of mens underwear to the latest and freshest appearances. The exotic assortment of mens jockstrap underwear has the best quality and is a basic part of the character. 2eros underwear will stay by its quality and craftsmanship 100% and attempt to pass on the best understanding. On the off chance that you wish to shop with the mens underwear brand 2eros, at that point, you have qualified in choosing the best brand for being the fashion influencer.

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Jocks for men
Image Source: 2eros

About the variant

Underwear for men that offers unrivaled freedom and keeps you feeling pure all day long is the basic need. The embodiment of freedom and divinity, this mens jockstrap underwear is designed with a variety of premium fabrics from sweat-wicking. Tactel and 4-way stretch mesh to create a garment that is both comfortable and functional is the thing that attracts men toward buying this pair of jockstrap for men.

This male jockstrap features the 2EROS CURV technology and a double-layered pouch, which contours and shapes all your assets in a natural way. This also creates ‘contact-less’ support to reduce chaffing and sweating.

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Mens Jockstraps
Image Source: 2eros

Main Features

  • Form-fitted to enhance your silhouette and show off your assets
  • Supportive pouch to give you a boosted lift
  • CURV technology to contour, shape, and support your assets
  • Creates ‘contact-less’ support to reduce chaffing and sweating
  • Made from sweat-wicking Tactel and quick dry nylon to keep you dry and comfy
  • 4-way stretch mesh to provide maximum mobility and breathability to keep you moving all day long


If you talk about the construction of this 2eros underwear then you must know that jockstraps for men are the most comfortable of all and so is this pair. The two-strap structure runs down at the back and holds your butt in a certain position to get rounder shape. In the front of this jockstrap for men, the pouch lifts up your assets in order to give the perfect bulge down there. What’s so special about this variant is the use of comfortable and exotic fabric. The solid portion made of 100% Premium Tactel gives the perfect shape of the male jockstrap. While on the other hand, this pair uses mesh fabric which is made of 88% Nylon, 12% Elastane and has its own benefits like a sexy look, gives breathability, visibility, etc.






Color in series

Navy Blue


How to keep it new?

1. Cold hand wash for best results

2. Use color safe detergent

3. Turn inside out when washing

4. Hang dry in shade

5. Do not iron

6. Avoid contact with rough surfaces

7. Do not bleach

8. Do not tumble dry

9. Do not dry clean


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