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Underwear Suggestion: SAXX Quest 2.0 Series Underwear For Men

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Image source: Freeskier


Before you start reading about the SAXX Quest 2.0 series, I want you to go ahead and watch this video:

Well, the video quite sums up everything that you want to know about the mens underwear series by SAXX underwear. The series was launched back in 2017 and the label has been adding new products to the same for men who really appreciated the quality, design, the fit, and the feel of the SAXX underwear styles in the series named QUEST 2.0. Did you know that The National Geographic named this men’s underwear series as “The Ultimate Travel Boxer”?

Well, the video clearly shows why the men’s underwear series is called Quest. With the model venturing in the mountains and coming across brooks, witnessing the sunrise and everything else, it quite makes sense. 

The Quest 2.0 is the revised version of Quest by SAXX underwear to make the experience more luxurious for the wearers.

free skier underwear
Picture credit: Free Skier

Main features:

SAXX Underwear is the best and their Questline is incredible for movement. It’s truly breathable and dries rapidly. This works superbly at separating the balls without feeling like they are being covered and estimating down doesn’t diminish the cup size! It only sorts of straightens out some stuff like under the groin making the men’s underwear far and away superior at containing everything. The texture is stretchy so estimating down doesn’t cut into your legs or midriff. Following are the main features that you’d find in the SAXX Underwear series:

  • Built for adventure
  • Moisture-wicking nylon fabric (77%) with a splash of spandex (14%) and polyester (9%)
  • Anti-roll waistband for all the times that you bend or stretch, the waistband doesn’t roll up and end up coming below your belly.
  • Flat-out seams
  • BallPark Pouch that contains everything for comfort and support
  • Three-D Fit
  • The fabric is made odor-free to ensure you travel the corners of the world and still smell perfect.
  • The thick waistband features a supportive fit on the waist with a no-roll over technique that makes it ideal for modern personalities.

About the brand

It all started with a question – “why can’t men’s underwear be better?” back in 2006. Know more about the revolutionary mens underwear brand here.

Styles available in the series

  • Mens boxer briefs
  • Mens boxers
  • Mens long boxer briefs

Fabric Used

The fabric used in the entire series includes 77% nylon fabric with 14% spandex and 9% polyester


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large
  • 2 Extra large

Colors in series

You would be able to find a gamut of options in both solid colors as well as prints that appeal to your eyes. 

What do we like?

We liked every detail about the mens underwear styles that the Quest 2.0 series features. Starting from the fit, the looks, the feel, the fabric blend, and the rest. The moisture-wicking features, the designs, the availability of shades and prints too made it to our liking list.

What can be the problem?

With SAXX underwear, there won’t be any problem at all.

Buy it here:

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