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Are you a fan of basketball players jump? Do you know the reason?

by loveforundies   ·  10 months ago   ·  

This blog post will tell you how basketball players can do such a high jump easily.

Have you ever watched a basketball tournament in real or on television? If yes, then you must have seen those high jumps of the players while doing a basket. Have you thought of “how come”?

There are two reasons behind players high jump and running- practice and a good form of mens underwear.

With time, designers have come up with styles of underwear such as mens jockstrap underwear, mens boxer briefs, mens thong underwear. But the one that we find suitable for sports after mens jockstrap underwear is brief underwear for men. Brief underwear for men is one of the comfortable and most trusted pairs of male lingerie. This style of underwear is snug-fitted and embraces your features very well. Also, being a skinny pair of underwear the person wearing it achieves incredible leg movement. It results in better movement during sports. 

Besides, style it’s time to decide which brand is appropriate for your mens brief underwear. Although there are several good brands of brief underwear. If we think of a brand that provides great styles at a great price, it’s ADDICTED.


men's sexy underwear

Addicted was established in 2009 in Barcelona. This Barcelona based brand is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and sale of men’s swimwear. In a genuinely short measure of time, the brand experienced quick development. It helped by the accomplishment of the chief brand: ES Collection.

Right now, there are in excess of 240 retail locations all through the existence where the brand can be found. Dependent is a perceived and free name, effectively separated from ES Collection.


1.Addicted mens brief are skinny in design

The entire range of Addicted mens brief is skinny in design. Which is one of the biggest features of the Addicted brief underwear range. You can move, run, and can even pursue 20- 30 suicides (a type of running) before starting a basketball match. 

2.This range of mens brief underwear offers snug-fitting.

Whichever pair of brief underwear you choose for yourself from the range. These all are snug-fitted and let you move the way you want to. This snug-fitted feature embraces your front and back profile so well that it’s hard to not stare at your butt even while you are dribbling the ball.

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The Addicted brief underwear range is great for your after-match parties. Just make sure you pair it up with your favorite outfit so that you become lucky there as well. 

3.This entire range of mens brief underwear comes with a broad waistband

The broad waistband used in the Addicted mens brief range is what makes this range perfect for sportsmen. The wider waistband decreases the presence of stomach cushions as well as diminishes rubbing and chaffing. Hence such a pair of mens underwear is suggested for men who are involved in sports activities.

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4.This range of mens brief underwear is available in various fabrics

Microfabric, Polyamide, Spandex, Polyester, Viscose, elastane, and cotton. These are a few types of fabrics that are used in the Addicted brief underwear range. Hence, the wearer gets the freedom to pick according to its needs.

5.This range of mens underwear comes with a contour pouch.

Besides its silhouette, the contour pouch is another reason for adding this range to your closet. Contour pouch used in men’s underwear allows your manhood to stay with any discomfort. This style of pouch protects your manhood and holds it gently. 

men's designer underwear

So, if you are a fan of those high jumps that’s because those players are covering their male genitals with Addicted mens brief underwear. 

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