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Underwear Review: Bluebuck Sky Blue Brief Underwear For Men

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Features that make the style a must-have

Features of this comfortable men’s underwear that make this a must-have are- fabric composition and elastic waistband. Apart from fabric and silhouette, the waistband does play an important role in providing comfort to the wearer.

  • Bluebuck Sky Blue brief underwear for men is made of 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane. Both of them are soft and resistant, as well as supportive.
  • Bluebuck is known for providing the best to male genitals without harming the environment. Therefore, all those men who are environmentalists by nature should give this pair a chance.
  • Bluebuck men’s brief underwear offers an elastic waistband that contains over 60% cotton that results in maximum comfort. You will be surprised to know that label inside the waistband is also made with cotton. Thus, no chance of skin getting irritated. 

Why have these?

  • Having these pairs of men’s brief underwear is important if comfort matters to you. We recommend this 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane underwear for everyday activities. 
  • Investing in any style of Bluebuck helps you in bringing a positive change in the environment because their factories use renewable energies. Their men’s underwear is made in Europe and the yarn as well as the fabric are made in Portugal. Whereas the elastic waistband comes from Austria and the cotton labels are made in Italy and the final assembling happens in Portugal. BlueBuck represents 100% energy needs in Portugal and 80% in Austria.

Why you shouldn’t have this men’s underwear?

If you enjoy staying in uncomfortable styles you need not to invest in it.

About the brand

For a quite few years, Bluebuck(UK-based brand) has been offering underwear for men. Bluebuck is a 100% European brand with waistbands that are made in Austria. On the other hand, fabrics and the manufacturing of designs happens in Portugal.

BlueBuck uses an organic cotton blend with some elastane to create comfortable men’s underwear. The combination of rugged and natural with a pinch of sense of environmental responsibility aligned with a strong sense of self makes Bluebuck the ultimate male underwear brand. 

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Best occasions

  • Workout
  • Sports
  • Everyday Activities

Fabric composition

  • 95% organic cotton
  • 5% elastane

Available sizes

  • XSmall
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XLarge
  • XXLarge

Why would we recommend it?

  • This comfortable men’s underwear is recommended to modern men due to several reasons and one of them is its silhouette. The silhouette of this men’s brief is simple to carry. It offers great coverage including front and back profiles. Men’s brief underwear is great for everyday comfort because of its elastane and organic cotton composition. 
Bluebuck Sky Blue Brief
Image Source: BlueBuck
  • This underwear style includes a waistband and a pouch. The pouch offers great protection and the elastic waistband provides maximum comfort. 
  • The Sky Blue Brief underwear for men consists of over 60% cotton. You will be surprised to know the label inside the waistband is also made with cotton. Therefore, the wearer doesn’t feel irritated.
  • Bluebuck is taking good care of your manhood and environment. By creating styles out of organic cotton and elastane, Bluebuck is taking good care of manhood. And for designing those pairs of underwear, their factories are using renewable energies. Bluebuck represents 100% of energy requirements in Portugal and 80% in Austria.
Brief Underwear For Men
Image Source: Bluebuck
  • We are glad to introduce a brand that understands the importance of renewable energy and ethical manufacturing.
  • This comfortable pair of men’s underwear is appropriate for all occasions including special occasions like sexual intercourse and foreplay. Bluebuck Sky Blue Brief underwear for men has been designed in all types of sizes.



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