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New Launch: Men’s Aussiebum Underwear Riot Jock

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The Highlights Of The Style 

Aussiebum Underwear Riot Jock for men is not less than any other form of men’s underwear. 


  • This sexy male underwear is wreak havoc and perfect for intense sports as it is a high-performance men’s underwear made out of woven modal-elastane fabric. This fabric composition draws moisture away from the body and has custom air vents for breathability.
  • AussieBum is an Australian-based men’s swimwear and underwear manufacturer. AussieBum has always focused on creating designs that support male genitals and enhance their shape. Hence, Riot jockstrap underwear for men is suggested to men.
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Image Source: Aussiebum
  • The futuristic design of this sexy male underwear makes it the reason for investing. Aussiebum Riot jockstrap underwear features a bold metallic waistband. This pair of male jock is suitable for someone who is looking for a comfortable yet sexy pair of lingerie.
  • This comfortable mens underwear is available in various colors and sizes.

About the brand

AussieBum is an Australian men’s swimwear and underwear manufacturer and some styles of AussieBum are manufactured in Sydney’s inner west. Apart from Sydney’s inner west, AussieBum products are manufactured in China, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Vietnam

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Image Source: Aussiebum

The organization’s global business achievement is repeatedly recognized scooping export marketing and eCommerce awards in Australia, including winning the Australian Export Awards – Manufacturing in both 2007 & 2009. Recently, AussieBum won the Australian Export Awards – eCommerce 2017.

Aussiebum manufactures over 1 million underwear and swimwear garments, with fresh lifestyle apparel lines. Every AussieBum garment is designed in Sydney, Australia by Sean.

About the Men’s Underwear

Riot Modal Aussiebum jockstrap underwear for men is just like any other pair of jockstrap in silhouette. What makes it different is the keyhole in the pouch section. 

  • Silhouette:

This comfortable men’s underwear comes with a waistband, pouch, and two elastic straps. The pouch section and elastic straps are surrounded by contrast-colored piping that embraces the shape of your lingerie. 

This men’s pouch underwear comes with a side seam length of 9cm. For better protection, designers have used a contour pouch. 

Underwear with a contour pouch offers slightly more space than any other pouch form. This underwear provides gentle support and lift because the seam used in it strengthens the pouch. Contour pouch underwear for men creates D-shape. 

This pair of jockstrap include an elasticized waistband with iconic aussieBum branding. For better comfort and support, leg binding exists in this style. 

Riot underwear for men is available in briefs as well as a more durable jockstrap.

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Image Source: Aussiebum
  • Fabric: 

Fabric is the most important factor in any style of underwear. This sexy male underwear has been designed by Modal and Elastane. These two fabrics are known for providing the right support and controlling moisture.

Modal-based men’s underwear is flexible, soft, and breathable. They are durable, drapes well, eco-friendly, and water absorbent. On the other hand, elastane-based male underwear provides an adequate amount of wear. Elastane or Spandex underwear doesn’t lose its shape even after washing multiple times. They hold everything in place. 

  • Feature:

A feature that makes this sexy male underwear unique is the keyhole in the pouch section. Men who are opting for this sexy male underwear need to keep their private part clean and you know why.

  • Maintenance:

This men’s jockstrap underwear requires gentle machine wash in cold water. Tumble dry and dry cleaning isn’t required in this case. Skipping tumble drying step is beneficial for your aussieBums and the environment. Ironing your AussieBum is highly prohibited.

Fabric Used

87% Modal 13% Elastane

Colors Available

  • Royal Blue
  • Black
  • White
  • Army Green
  • Navy Blue


  • XSmall 
  • Small 
  • Medium 
  • Large 
  • XLarge
  • XXLarge 
  • XXXLarge



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