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Underwear Review: Gregg Homme Octane 2.0 Harness Boxer Underwear For Men

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Features that make the Gregg Homme Octane 2.0 Harness Boxer a must-have

You could say it by the looks itself that this erotic men’s underwear is meant solely for fetish purposes. Only the looks say it all and the sexy underwear doesn’t need any further description. Meant for your fetish, the Gregg Homme Harness Boxer is one from the series named Octane 2.0. Designed technically to make you look appealing and tempting as well as supporting and covering the manhood for the last bit of show, only the daring personalities raise your hands up for this men’s boxers.

  • Gregg Homme on the logo crest on the no-show waistband above the pouch
  • Black metal rings interlocked with the fabric
  • The pouch features a single-ply and a contoured fit with center seam and elastic on the sides
  • Fabric content: 73% polyamide, 27% spandex
  • Made in Canada.

Why have these mens underwear?

  1. There are numerous reasons why you should be investing in this pair of boxer underwear for men. Here are some that we think about why you should have the mens boxers.
  2. The sexiness of the Harness Boxer by Gregg Homme underwear. You could just depend on the pair for all the eroticism, sex appeal, comfort, and breathability. Not to forget the STRETCH – thanks to 27% spandex.
  3. The openness and matte finish of the minimal straps look exceptionally stunning.
  4. The contoured pouch of the mens boxers held in one place keeping the manhood movement-free is commendable.

Check out the video here:

Why you shouldn’t have this mens underwear?

  1. Only the shy personalities buying it would be a waste of money and time. The front might look like you handle it but the back puts aside all these assumptions.
  2. The metal rings worn for a long time (more than about 3-4 hours)  can cause itching or rashes if you have sensitive skin.

About the brand

Established in 1987, GREGG HOMME is a Canadian brand of daring and cutting-edge underwear and swimwear for men. For more information about the fashion underwear label, click here.

Check out another video about Gregg Homme Underwear by famous model Gil Soares:


Product fitting:

You wouldn’t want to wear these men’s boxers on a regular day because they could get slightly uncomfortable while you are busy doing your work. They are INTENTIONALLY made to please your manhood and the eyes of the spectators and it is a must that you wear them for that time. If you are planning to wear these the entire day and surprise your date straight after work, we would want you to be cautious. You could always change into these before you meet up. Once worn, you would feel that adrenaline rush within as well as the confidence to take everything to the bedroom.

Best occasions:

  • Romantic evenings
  • Pleasing yourself in front of the mirror to admire your physique and personality

Available colors:

  • Bold black
  • Sexy royal blue

Available sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

Why would we recommend it?

We would recommend the mens boxers for the looks, feel, and the sexiness that these add to your personality.

Buy it here:,11249.html

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