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Underwear Review: Let your manhood experience Real Luxury Ergowear Mens Bikini

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Image source: Ergowear

Features that make the style a must-have

This men’s bikini is a low-cut pouch bikini which is 100% ergonomic. It comprises of the 3-dimensional pouch which makes your stay comfortable and guards your male genitals properly. These male bikinis are designed out of microfiber and in hyper-soft polyamide/elastane microfiber.

A person wearing them doesn’t feel chafing down there due to the flat sewn seams used in it. The waistband used in it is concealed, 9mm flat elastic, and consists of a signature Ergowear woven label in front.

Why have these?

These men’s bikini by Ergowear is extremely comfortable, full of support, and offer an exceptional sensation when you place your resources in these men’s underwear and for that, we should be thankful to the designers who came up with the idea of the pioneering & enhancing X4D pouch which resembles your nose. This pouch follows the natural contour of your genitals without making you feel that constricting sensation of regular underwear. Not only do these male bikinis provide plenty of room for your anatomy, but also embrace the shape of your manhood. These male bikinis include elastic and comfortable fibers.

These male bikinis include a 9mm concealed waistband which displays the Ergowear logo has been manufactured using highly resistant flat fibers which are capable of keeping the shape of your waistband and the best part is, it doesn’t even shrink.

Why you shouldn’t have this men’s underwear?

Well, we don’t find any reason or excuse for not trying these lovely men’s bikini underwear.

About the brand

Ergowear is continually searching out new shapes and sewing strategies that may help improve the solace of the men’s underwear.

The center of their logo is an abstract drawing of men’s genitalia, as part of a logo with predominantly round shapes that stand for human shapes and proportions, and the logo needs to powerfully oblige itself between two undetectable level straight lines that represent the man-made, now and then antagonistic condition that encompasses us. “

Taking a look at the history, at the finish of 2002 Ergowear made the first and unique versatile three-dimensional pouch underwear for men and from that point forward, they have created numerous items dependent on this male pocket idea.  After the first X3D (X-tra 3-dimensional) and MAX pockets, a significant achievement was 2013 when we delivered FEEL, the world’s initial 3-D pocket without a vertical crease through the center. This year we dispatched X4D, including pocket bikinis for men and thongs produced using a solitary bit of fabric to additionally decrease creases.

All things that are important for the Ergowear assortments are the consequence of broad logical examination and improvement, modern material building and ergonomic design for an astounding fit for the male body.

All the products of Ergowear are created by their design team whose headquarter are in Santiago, Chile and at that point made with high-quality materials in our offices and additionally in outer creation units, in exacting consistency with our item particulars.

Product fitting


Best occasions



Pool parties

Fabric composition

Microfiber 89% Polyamide, 11% Elastane.



Available sizes


Why would we recommend it?

These men’s bikinis are extremely recommended to modern men because it is soft on your skin, comes in high elastic and is capable of wicking up the moisture from the skin.

This lovely pair of men’s bikini includes a 3-dimensional pouch whose shape resembles your nose. This pouch lifts and enhances the effect. This 3-dimensional pouch includes vertical flat-seam with no lining.

If you are among those who prefer fashion and comfort, these male bikini is the ideal form of underwear because not only it is comfortable, it is highly supportive due to which wearer feels great and confident when paired with workout clothes, after all, these men’s bikinis allow them to move the way they want.

Speaking about the fabrics, Microfiber 89% Polyamide- 11% Elastane is what resides in this sexy male underwear that makes your lingerie soft, fast-drying and also highly elastic. X4D bikini for men is low cut so the amount of enhancement your features receive in them is higher than other pairs of men’s underwear.

Aren’t you believing us? Check out this link, and can thank us later!

Men who are not sure whether they will be able to carry it or not or feeling will it give proper support to their male genitals or not, should read the review. Link mentioned below,

Have you ever tried our X4D Bikini – Navy? This is what Edward S. has to say about it:

Posted by Ergowear on Sunday, June 28, 2020


US$ 35.74

Buy it here:

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