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Hooked on men’s lingerie styles from these brands for Halloween

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Halloween is once again upon us, bringing with it a chilling atmosphere with men’s lingerie. Everyone is looking for the perfect clothing, but are you ready with the perfect outfit? No? Do something different this year and turn your underpants into a Halloween costume. Yes! Yes, you read that correctly. For Halloween, you can dress up in men’s underpants and look fantastic. Although you may not be able to wear it outside the house, your lover will undoubtedly admire its cheeky elegance when you do.

Happy Halloween
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This blog will help you out to pick that one right men’s lingerie for you and when I say right pair of men’s lingerie that means a style that can uplift your physique very well. Though there are several lingerie brands that offer sexy male lingerie, this time we are completely hooked upon styles offered by these lingerie brands. We would surely suggest you guys surprise your partner wearing styles from these brands.

Candyman Tuxedo Boxer Black-White

Candyman Tuxedo Boxer Brief is the perfect outfit for Halloween. Stretch microfiber fabric feels amazing against your skin and produces an extra smooth fit in this super trendy boxer short. Wear this dud first the next time you need to look your best.

Mens Underwear
Image Source: CandyMan

What made us think this pair of men’s boxer briefs are best for Halloween is its fabric composition i.e. 93% nylon, 7% spandex stretch microfiber fabric that makes this sexy male underwear comfortable and supportive. Further, this style features a front panel that reminds you of a tuxedo shirt. Moreover, the contour pouch used in it uplifts your manhood with ease.

men's lingerie
Image Source: CandyMan

Police outfit black – Candyman

In the name of the law, come to a halt! The CandyMan Police Outfit will give you the power of sexy law, allowing you to call the shots and arrest anyone that resists. The outfit is made out of 91% polyester and 9% elastane stretch microfiber fabric which forms a sleek and offers a body-defining fit. Moreover, the mesh at the back is entirely see-through. Hence, your butt gets nicely exposed. 

Candy Man Underwear
Image Source: CandyMan

Police Outfit black includes boxer briefs, harness, hat as well as handcuffs. Moreover, this pair of sexy outfits come with a wide elastic logo waistband that is connected to the body of boxer briefs with straps. The outfit even comes with a pouch that is contoured for better support and definition.


Mens Hot Underwear
Image Source: Crazy Boxer

Halloween is all about being spooky and bold with your clothes. This comfortable pair of men’s boxer briefs are unique and designed for the fashionable millennial with wicked and passionate shade in them. 

Mens hot Underwear
Image Source: Crazy Boxer

This pair of men’s lingerie has been designed out of comfortable moisture-wicking fabric which keeps you active the entire day along with the new Halloween smile print. Furthermore, the tangy CRAZY BOXER waistband of men’s boxers will never let you fall away from the limelight. Whether it’s a party, bedroom, or blind date, this pair of men’s boxer briefs are suitable for each event, after all, who doesn’t like to adore a passionate man? 

Andrew Christain- Almost Naked Barbed Wire Sheer Y-Back Thong

This sexy male lingerie from Andrew Christian is another pair that we find suitable for Halloween. This sexy pair of the male thong is completely transparent and totally breathable. Sounds great!

Andrew Christian men's lingerie
Image Source: Andrew Christian

Moreover, this pair beautifully enhances your manhood, thanks to its anatomical pouch. Almost Naked Barbed Wire Sheer Y-Back Thong comes with a 3cm elastic glitter signature. How can I not mention the deadly fabric composition of this men’s thong underwear- 88% Polyamide, 12% Spandex. Well, the last outfit on which we are completely hooked on is ” Candyman Bowtie And Cuffs Only Color”

Candyman Bowtie And Cuffs Only Color

men's lingerie

This outfit is one of the easiest ways to turn your male lingerie into formal wear for the bedroom. Further, the bowtie sits securely around your neck and the cuffs quickly snap on and off for an effortlessly sensual style that is guaranteed to turn onlookers. The Candyman Bowtie and Cuffs combination is class all the way, whether you’re entering a Chippendales competition or just want to wow your buddies. Speaking about the fabric composition, this outfit comes with 93% polyester and 7% elastane stretched satin fabric that giving this attire a sleek and sexy look. 

After knowing all these features of these men’s lingerie styles, we are completely hooked. What about you? Don’t forget to share your feedback.

Happy halloween celebration

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