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Koalaswim micro shorts for men are worth your attention

by loveforundies   ·  12 months ago   ·  

Daisy Dukes for men are a real thing! At we take our micro-shorts seriously in fact many of our short styles are among our most popular offerings. They are designed to be used as underwear, swimwear, gym wear or get up and go wear. We offer many different styles including both bulge designs and camel toe designs for men. 

Mens Underwear Style
Image Source: Koalaswim

Micro-shorts are available in different lengths ranging from showing a little cheek all the way to showing almost all cheek, after all if you got it flaunt it. Want to get completely wild make sure to check out completely sheer feminizing designs like the Sheer Lady Gear Micro Shorts or the tiny little Princess Sheer Shorts. Want to go radical in a masculine direction than take a peek at our Blow Torch Shorts, they are designed to be used in a few different ways with a pouch that is shaped like your erect equipment fully covered but on display or go all the way and wear the shorts with your equipment uncovered and on full display, these wonderful little man panties are perfect party gear. 

We have wonderful bulge pouch style shorts including the new Bold Boy Micro Shorts that feature a compression style bulge pouch and wet look spandex finish. They are high cut in the rear showing off the perfect amount of cheek and the bulge is kept under control so you can be comfortable at the beach or working out at the gym too. One of our most popular bulge style designs has a little secret. 

Mens hot Underwear
Image Source: Koalaswim

Penetration shorts

The Penetration Shorts comes with a built-in butt-plug holder that can keep most size plugs firmly in place and hidden from view. It is hard to get much happier than wearing underwear that satisfies you in the way Penetration shorts do. We design the micro-shorts for your enjoyment and our own pleasure too. 

Spanked Micro Bulge Shorts

Another popular bulge style micro-short option is the Spanked Micro Bulge Shorts which have been a fan favorite for years. This style does not compress the bulge, instead offers a more natural form with your equipment outline on display. When using them as swimwear they tend to be a bit on the sheer side when wet, a look we love around here and the rear cut is our famous cheek enhancing style that defines and accentuates your rear. The yellow spandex is four-way stretch and feels like it was painted on you. This hot micro-short design offers total comfort in an extremely sexy package. 

Mens sexy Underwear
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Our most popular style that is used as underwear and fun wear happen to be a pair of feminizing camel toe look micro-shorts which indicates how these feminizing designs have gone so mainstream that regular guys who are looking to tap into their feminine sides are ordering these styles along with all the other folks that normally wear them.

Final note

 Styles like Lady Gear and Lady Gear Micro shorts have crossed all boundaries to become some of the most popular styles we have ever offered and why not they feel amazing when you are wearing them, a feeling most have never experienced, the look is totally feminine and exceptionally sexy. How often do you get a chance to try something that takes you to a different level of self-exploration? These mtf transformation designs will do just that! 

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