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Looking sexy is possible with men’s underwear- proved by soccer players

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Men who are in favor of going commando because they feel more comfortable in that state, for your information even famous soccer players prefer staying in men’s underwear. From celebrating a match-winning goal to playing the most important match of their life, these soccer players never ditched this simple and important clothing for men. The reason, these players are well aware of the benefits that men’s underwear provides to their manhood, security being the most important. 

It’s time to check out David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Freddie Ljungberg players posing in their underwear with immense confidence. Starting with the Italian national football team and Dolce & Gabbana. 

Italian football team in Dolce & Gabbana men’s underwear

Convincing players to strip off and pose in their pants is like a cakewalk for Dolce&Gabbana. The brand has several times convinced (or obliged) several members of the football team to wear their men’s underwear range, almost invariably wearing briefs, well it is Italy. Furthermore, adorned with different D&G and Calcio designs (evidently a book that was released in front of the World Cup in Brazil) the chosen from the group Antonio Di Natale, Vincenzo Iaquinta, Claudio Marchisio, Federico Marchetti, and Domenico Criscito, pose up a storm. 

Dolce and Gabbana men's underwear
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David Beckham

Mens Underwear Style
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David Beckham and stripping underwear have a deep connection. David Beckham has stripped to his clothing a couple of times. You’ve another Italian design house to thank for first disrobing David Beckham, this time it’s Armani, right back in the Summer of 2009. The now infamous advertisement crusade included David as a solo before later including his better half Victoria Beckham, likewise in her clothing. 

Mens Underwear Blog
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The photos of David in white boxers, boxer shorts for men, male briefs, all with his lump popping and his legs open sent the world and tabloids (days before Instagram and Snapchat) into a tempest! 

Later on, David Beckham launched his own male underwear range with H&M. Featuring simple designs and minimal branding is what defines Beck’s male underwear line.

Cristiano Ronaldo 

Compared with David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo is younger and it appears Cristiano Ronaldo alongside playing for Manchester UTD emulated Beck’s example in other areas too. Ronaldo also posed for Armani, in his men’s briefs & boxers, but also for Armani Jeans. Furthermore, brandishing a brilliant short back and sides haircut, the Portuguese footballer copied David Beckham’s campaign a few years later. Now, his clothes off? 

Mens Underwear Style
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Ronaldo displays his bulge on the show, his ripped abs and body look brilliant. Can’t help thinking about what that would resemble in these male trunks? 

Sebastian Saja

men's underwear
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An Argentine goalkeeper that models Andros performance underwear is none other than Sebastian Saja. This attractive hunk at present plays for the Spanish club Gimnàstic de Tarragona. Moreover, Fabian Cubero, another Argentine football star, poses wearing Lody boxer briefs. No soccer underwear model list excludes the most handsome Brazilian footballer Neymar. If we are correct, he’s modeling Lupo underwear.

soccer players in underwear
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So, these were our favorite soccer players whom we love watching in that simple or sexy male lingerie. We love the way they are simple and feel confident in male underwear. What about you? Do you have any? Lets us know yours.

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