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Male runners should look at these 5 things in men’s underwear styles

by John Smith   ·  7 months ago   ·  

Male runners need to be very specific while purchasing men’s underwear style for themselves. They shouldn’t purchase anything just because you find it attractive. If that specific style doesn’t fulfill your needs, better stay away from that style of men’s underwear. We know that our people are less aware of the points which a male runner should see in a pair of men’s underwear before buying. Trust us, bad skivvies don’t discriminate between men and women; both can suffer from the agonizing rubbing that an ill-fitting pair can cause. But don’t worry; today we’ll cover all you need to know about running underwear so you can select the best ones to avoid chafing.

Male runners
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Underwear best to avoid chafing during running

We agree with a fact that everyone has their favorite underwear styles but when it’s about staying safe during running, certain styles are more conducive than others when it comes to all that movement. Hence, when it comes to staying safe and comfortable and how can we forget, supportive at the time of running, it’s always better to wear styles like boxer briefs and brief.

1. Boxer Brief and Brief

Chafing is a skin condition that occurs when your body parts rub against each other. This condition mostly occurs in the areas like the thighs and buttocks. Moreover, your ill-fitted clothes can even lead to chafing, and with ill-fitted clothes, we mean ill-fitted men’s underwear as well. Therefore, styles like boxer briefs and men’s brief underwear are advised to male runners because they offer the right fitting without making other people feel uncomfortable.

Men who don’t have thighs that rub together can switch to briefs. Briefs for men are comfortable, lightweight, support your package, and are breathable. On the other hand, men can pick longer as well as tighter pairs of boxer briefs as they are best against chafing.

Boxer Brief
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2. Men’s underwear style must be moisture-wicking:

Most of you must be unaware of a fact that moisture and rubbing can together create chafing. Hence, the underwear style which you are wearing must be capable of keeping you dry down there.

Wear boxer briefs made out of micro modal and bamboo fabric. These fabrics are lightweight as well. You can even opt for men’s underwear styles made from Polyester and Nylon. Polyester and Nylon based male underwear are stretchable and flexible too, that’s the reason why these are used mostly for underwear designed for workouts.

  • Is your men’s underwear comfortable?

Being a male runner it’s essential to look for men’s underwear that keeps you comfortable and supports your manhood. So that you, being a runner can only focus on things that are important for you. Look for boxer briefs that are made out of synthetic fabrics such as Polyester, Nylon, and even Mesh. All these fabrics are lightweight and comfortable and breathable too.

Boxer Brief
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  • Offers chafe-free running experience:

Running becomes more efficient when your male underwear stays in place and gives you a chafe-free running experience. Furthermore, ensure that they fit snugly so you can rest assured that they won’t ride up during your run.

Freedom of movement

If your men’s underwear style constraints you to run smoothly that means it is not the right pair of men’s underwear. A pair should allow you to move freely. You must get the freedom to stretch. Moreover, it should bend with you or be specific moves with you.


So, now you know what kind of underwear styles for men are appropriate for male runners. A style shouldn’t pull, pinch or rub and must keep you dry.

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