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New Launch: 2EROS X-Series Brief Underwear For Men

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The highlights of the series:

2EROS X-Series underwear was launched on 10th August 2020 by the fashion underwear brand.

The theme of the 2EROS underwear series is driven by passion and inspired by the night.

The entire collection of mens underwear incorporates modal fabric.

Styles available in the series include men’s briefs, jockstrap underwear for men, trunks, tights, and singlets

Attention-grabbing hues.

Series Collection:

About the brand

Propelled in the year 2008, 2EROS has become one of the most mainstream mens underwear brands. Click here for more details about the mens designer underwear brand.

About the series

2EROS underwear launched the X-Series in August 2020 that features the signature and feel rendered by the other mens underwear by the iconic label. To be an addition to the family, the x-series by 2EROS underwear features striking color combinations to appeal to the eyes. Well, the mens underwear brand itself boasts about the pieces available in the collection by referring to them as “driven by passion and inspired by the night.”

Every mens underwear style in the series features an ‘X’ in the front as well as one in the back with a bolder effect that grabs the attention the moment it meets the eye.

With no tags or labels on the entire fabric, you would find a seamless and smooth finish throughout. Hence, you can freely opt for a comfortable fit and feel.

Underwear Styles in series

Taking a look at the different 2EROS underwear styles available in the X-series, you would be able to find the following:

  • Mens briefs: Starting from the most conventional style, the line of mens briefs in the X-series is a shot, supportive and modern take on the traditional one. Unlike the boring briefs, these add pep to your life and extremely breathable.
  • Mens jockstraps: You don’t want to look boring in the changing room, do you? The line of mens jockstraps in the respective series by 2EROS underwear is a breath of fresh air. If you want to pep up things look-wise and feel-wise, this is your chance to do so. Not only do these mens jockstraps look amazing, they feel amazingly soft and are extremely supportive while you play to your heart’s content.
  • Mens trunks: Looking for additional fabric on the legs? Worry not, for 2EROS makes sure that every personality gets to have its share of love for the underneath. The line of mens trunks by the label is designed for that extra amount of fabric, support, and coverage with the signature sex appeal that every other style features.
  • Mens tights: The line of tights in the X-series is all about flaunting your flamboyant attitude with the toned leg muscles. Whether you’re working out or spending time with yourself at home, these are a perfect fit for any occasion.
  • Mens singlets: Want something comfortable to wear at home or outside around the block? You can look up to the line of mens singlet by 2EROS underwear. The design is laid-back, relaxed, and is a mark on your assets.

Fabric Used

The entire collection features a combination of Lenzing modal and elastane combination that comes across as a soft number for skin and is ecological as well.

Colors in series

  • Night – Navy blue
  • Passion – Red
  • Camo
  • Grey Marle
  • Black Marle

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