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Features that make the Calvin Klein low rise trunk a must-have

The handsome and sleek pair of mens boxer trunks by the iconic label Calvin Klein boasts about the aura and charm it provides to the junk. Apart from holding the manhood in a way that it doesn’t get claustrophobic as well as cuts and stitches that highlight what you’ve got down there to the best of the ability. If you take a closer look at the men’s underwear style, you’d find that the body-defining fit keeps a sturdy yet comfortable grip on the legs. The double stitch on these mens boxer trunks make the fabric sturdy and durable while the fabric composition increases the shine of the texture as well as the durability.

  • Fabric used: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex
  • Style: Performance — Boxer Brief
  • Price: $17.95 – $32.99

Checkout this video for more details:

Why have these mens underwear?

The sleek and contoured fit all through the way

The contoured pouch meant of these mens boxer trunks for extra support, comfort, and stability.

The royal blue color looks ecstatic.

Why you shouldn’t have this mens underwear?

The brand tag in the back of the waistband that can be slightly irritating. Well, you can remove the same in case you find it troublesome.

About the brand

Calvin Klein is an American brand built up in the year 1968 by originators Calvin Klein and his cherished companion, Barry K. Schwartz. For more information about the brand, click here.

Product fitting:

Well, the sexy underwear came to me on a Sunday, so I thought that I’ll try wearing these mens boxer trunks to work on a Monday and that’ll be the best and true review for you guys. At first, the soft and comfortable fabric slipped on my body like butter and it was a great feeling. The support to the legs was fine until I stepped out.

Model Bruno Rose wearing Calvin Klein Air Fx Trunks:

Well, these mens boxer trunks were slightly loose on my body so, it kept on riding up and irritated me. So, I guess the correct size would not ride up as this one did. Luckily, the pouch of the fashion underwear was as it should have been on the manhood and did everything that a good pouch should do – support, let breathe and comfort the junk.

By the end of the day, I had barely forgotten that I was getting troubled by the riding up fabric because it seemed to have set in a place where I didn’t pull it down.

Check out this video for more information about the mens underwear:

Best occasions:

Regular – every day


Available colors:


Cobalt blue


Urban blue


White; and

Royal blue

Available sizes: 

Small to Extra Large

Why would we recommend it?

We would recommend these low rise boxers for they are supportive, comfortable, and absolutely delicious to wear. A perfect companion for your all-day-every-day.

Buy it here:,35957.html

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