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New Launch: Pistol Pete All Out Trunk for men

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Designers of Pistol Pete have proven that no matter which style of mens underwear it is, it’s possible to make them different with a simple twist.

The highlights of mens trunk

Pistol Pete All Out men’s trunk is unconventional. It offers great coverage down there including your front and back profile. It comes with a snap fastener opening on the pouch which is usually not found in other brands of mens underwear. Another reason to grab them is its broad waistband which is capable of holding everything. 

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About the brand

Pistol Pete is a front line brand for men that permits them to feel good in their own skin. Pistol Pete is attractive, don’t sell sex. They sell an inclination. At the point when you wear Pistol Pete mens underwear under your garments – you feel enabled. Nobody may discover what you have under, yet you understand what you are wearing down there that is an astounding inclination.

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About the men’s underwear

Pistol Pete All Out Trunk is comfortable and offers great coverage to your front and back profile. Although it appears to be simple looking male underwear, features that create a difference in this style are a snap fastener and opening at the back which offers a glimpse of your butt.

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Image Source: Pistol Pete

Fabrics that are used in this men’s underwear are cotton-spandex for a better amount of comfort and stretchability. Its broad waistband includes the name of the brand.

For men who are not comfortable in wearing styles like men’s thong , men’s jockstrap underwear during a workout, Pistol Pete All Out Trunk is all they need. It’s born with all those qualities which a man wants in his male underwear .

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Image Source: Pistol Pete

Though it looks solid still for the better future of this male trunk , we recommend you to wash it gently with hands with soft detergent or soap. Tumble dry is another thing which is not advised in the case of mens underwear .

Key features:

1. Contrast colored piping on the pouch and on the edge of your underwear.

2.Broad waistband with the brand’s name.

3. Comfortable, lightweight, and supportive.

4.Available in different colors and sizes.

5.Good for your everyday activities.

Fabrics Used

  • Cotton – spandex

Colors available

  • Black
  • Navy
  • White


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Xlarge



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