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Just like great Tom Ford, do you have any rules for mens jockstrap?

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Tom Ford is one of the known names in the field of the fashion industry. Whether it’s mens clothing or mens underwear , you cannot deny the fact that this man creates one of the best pairs of clothing. 

Mens underwear Style
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Underwear is one of the most important parts of clothing and when it comes to dos and don’ts for mens underwear, Tom Ford has its own rules. He has his own dos and don’ts and way of styling it. Well, his favorite or the styles of mens underwear which he caters are boxers, mens briefs . If your favorite pair of male underwear is mens jockstrap , do you have any rules for it? If not, then it’s high time to set rules as jockstrap is not an easy style of underwear to handle.

Men who have just introduced themselves with this sexy male underwear must know that there are two different categories- Fashion and sports. Fashionable male jocks are designed keeping everyday comfort in mind whereas sports jockstrap are designed to keep extreme safety in mind. 

When you are purchasing a jockstrap for everyday comfort, it should 


Your everyday jockstrap underwear should be capable enough to offer your comfort and support apart from embracing your features. 

Mens Brief Underwear
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Fashion jockstraps don’t simply come in the waistband, pouch, and two straps style. Some styles include thicker or multiple straps and some include more fabric material to enhance the shape of your butt.

As per our studies, jockstraps with thicker straps are great for the wearer. Also, those styles with more fabric are great for beginners as they feel more confident. 


Just like other styles of male underwear, this sexy male underwear come in a variety of materials: cotton, mesh, silk, and even fur.


For attaining perfect fit in male underwear, you need to consider waist size and pouch comfort. You should always remember that your jockstrap underwear should be fit and not tight. It should hug your manhood gently and testicles close to the body. The perfect form of jockstrap would be the one that doesn’t contribute to issues such as chafing and jock itch. 

Mens Jockstrap Underwear
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On the other hand, jockstrap for sports should be


A good sports mens underwear would be the one that protects your male genitals and offers a good amount of leg movement. The same rule applies to this sexy male underwear. If jockstrap is capable of protecting your manhood while on the field, that means you have invested in the correct pair. 

Another essential factor which you should look for in jocks is, the protective cup used in it is capable of guarding your genitals during contact sports.


Search for cups with padded edges. A hard edge will simply move the power of the hit to the pelvic region whereas a delicate edge gives better padding during impact. For sports like lacrosse or baseball, consider a titanium cup. Do keep these points in mind while purchasing a pair of sports jocks for yourself.

Mens Underwear Blogs
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Cup in men’s jockstrap underwear is recommended for sports activities. Protective cups are highly suggested for those sports which involve speeding projectiles, such as hockey, soccer, baseball, football, or mixed martial arts. Apart from that, some men prefer wearing cup-jockstrap in daily wear to enhance their masculine appearance. Therefore wearing a cup or not wearing it, should be your call. If you feel you need it off the ground, go for it. 

Now, the brand which you should trust for male jocks is Timoteo. Don’t forget to visit their official website for checking out the styles.

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