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Opt for men’s jockstrap if Chris Hemsworth is your 2022 fitness mentor

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Men’s jockstrap should be considered if you have a huge man-crush on Chris Hemsworth and wish to stay fit like him in the year 2022. I must tell you, Chris Hemsworth’s body wasn’t like the one, we see on the screen. He was skinny. So if you are skinny and wish to gain weight, Chris Hemsworth is the right example for you. 

The majority of slender people eat a lot at parties or buffets but don’t eat much the rest of the time.

Daddy Underwear DDE043 Love Me Daddy Jock
Image Source: Erogenos

Before you take a firm decision of walking in the footsteps of Chris Hemsworth’s workout regime, let’s break down his workout plan. Get ready to get surprised.

The Chris Hemsworth Workout Plan

Chris Hemsworth’s godlike physique in Thor isn’t easy to gain, it requires immense hard work. Chris Hemsworth himself has a 5-day per week, 90-minute workout. However, you are new to all this, so we recommend you to start with a 3-4-day a week workout. Each workout will last roughly 1 hour.

Pistol Pete PPG035 90s Trunk
Image Source: Erogenos

Focus on upper body (push focus) on day 1:

  • Start with incline dumbell press – 4 sets/6-8 reps
  • Then Flat bench press – 3 sets/8-10 reps
  • Next should be your Cable crossover – 2 sets/13-15 reps, Arnold presses – 3 sets/8-10 reps, T-bar row – 3 sets/8-10 reps, and 1-arm dumbbell row – 2 sets/8-10 reps.
  • Ending with superset bicep curl and tricep extension – 2 cycles (4 sets total) 10 reps each

Keep Day 2 for lower body (quad focus):

  • Begin with Squat – 3-4 sets 5 reps. Squats can be front or back squats.
  • Then Lunges – 3 sets/ do 8 reps per leg.
  • Then leg extension – 3 sets/10-12 reps.
  • End with standing calf raise – 5 sets/15 reps
Daddy DDE039 Ball Cup Jock
Image Source: Erogenos

Upper body (pull focus) is for Day 3 in men’s jockstrap :

  • Start with Chin-ups – 3 sets/6-8 reps. Make sure you add weight only when you can do 8 reps with your body weight.
  • Then Barbell row – 3 sets/8-10 reps, 1 arm dumbbell row – 2 sets/ 10-12 reps, Shrugs – 3 sets/12 reps, Arnold presses – 2 sets/10 reps, and Lateral raises – 3 sets/15 reps.
  • Lastly, superset bicep curl and tricep extension – 2 cycles (4 sets total) 10 reps each.

Day 4 – Lower body (ham/glute focus)

  • Rack pulls (pins below knees) – 4 sets/5 reps
  • Lunges – 3 sets/do 8 reps per leg
  • Dumbbell swings – 3 sets/15 reps
  • Leg curl machine – 3 sets/15 reps
  • Standing calf raise – 5 sets/15 reps

Besides attaining a similar body like Chris Hemsworth’s, your goal should be to enjoy each workout you do.

Pistol Pete PPE026 Brief men's jockstrap

Now the biggest question, which men’s underwear is perfect for such intense exercises? Though there are several underwear styles for men, but if you ask my honest opinion, I only swear by MEN’S JOCKSTRAP.

Why men’s jockstrap ?

The jockstrap was designed in the year 1874 and the main motive behind designing them was to keep male bicyclists safe and secured while cycling on Boston’s cobblestone streets. Further, the company that took the initiative to bring this style to the market was the Bike Web Company. Since 130 years, Bike has been the world’s largest supplier of jockstraps.

Looking at the design of the jockstrap, you will find that the front part of the underwear is quite similar to male briefs. Furthermore, men’s jockstrap underwear lacks the backside fabric which covers your buttocks. Also, it comes with two elastic straps at the back that go from the sides and join at the lowest part of the pouch.

Why should you opt for jockstraps for men?

Opting jockstrap for men is a great idea for your workout classes as its main function is to keep your manhood inside the pouch safe. By wearing this male underwear you tend to avoid excessive rebound at the time of sports. This causes lesser injuries.

Besides wearing this during a workout, you can wear it everyday, once you start feeling comfortable. 

Reasons to wear men’s jockstrap :

  • Jockstrap have the right support

There is no getting away from the fact that your trash will end up where it belongs. If you dislike having to accommodate your manhood all of the time or if movement causes pain in the testicles, this is the product for you.

  • Comfortable

Wearing a jockstrap is a great idea at the gym because it comes with immense comfort. It’s like, once you wear it, you forget about everything. At first, you might feel slight discomfort, but once your body will get used to it you won’t find any issue.

  • You remain fresh

Freshness is another important feature. It’s important that you feel sweat-free at the time of exercise because this can cause irritation and other skin infections. Thankfully jockstraps got that breathing space for the wearer.

  • Cost

You guys must be wondering that this sexy pair of male lingerie can might be expensive, but guess what, jockstraps for men are affordable as less fabric comes to a lower-cost product.

Hence, all these points prove that you won’t regret wearing men’s jockstrap underwear.

Tip to remember:

If you are new styles like g-string underwear, men’s jockstrap, or even thongs, it’s always better to start with basic fabrics. Look for styles that are made out of polyamide, spandex, cotton rather than immediately switching to mens lace underwear.

Rest, stay safe, and keep working out.

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