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New Launch: Good Devil Rocky Thong Underwear

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The highlights of Good Devil Rocky Thong:

  • Before heading towards the description of features of Good Devil Rocky Thong underwear for men, can we appreciate how perfectly the style is holding your manhood?. Even though designers have incorporated three strings of fabric on one side of the lingerie, still you will feel comfortable. Incredible isn’t it! 
  • Good Devil Rocky Thong underwear for men is beautiful pair to carry this summer. Its lightweight, soft on the skin and provide you great fit. What else do you expect from a little pair of lingerie for men!
  • One feature of this male thong with which I am completely obsessed is the sheer fabric used at the back. This sheer fabric makes it ultra-sensual and classy. It beautifully exposes your buttocks. So if you don’t feel confident in showing your buttocks while in the public, better to wear them when no one is around.
Image Source: Gooddevil

About the brand: 

  • When it’s about offering sensuous pair of male lingerie that can enhance every feature of your personality, Good Devil is what comes to our mind first. As a brand, they have set a new benchmark in the hot men’s underwear industry with their sexy underwear collection. Whether it’s your skinny pair of thongs or jockstrap underwear for men, each style of male lingerie is functional, practical, and perfect for special moments.
  • The designers of Good Devil give a wild and sensual take on classic mens sexy underwear styles. The brand allows you to stay fashionable and in vogue, whether you want sheer briefs or barely-there thongs for guys. You can continue to wear your favorite mens hot underwear styles while adding a designer twist to them.

About the men’s underwear

  • Well, I have to confess that I am completely blown away by its craftsmanship. Even though delicate fabrics like sheer and springs on the side of the style, make it the most comfortable pair of lingerie.
  • Even though it appears as ” difficult pair” to handle, the wearer feels comfortable and manhood supportive. Speaking about the features, this thong for men comes in a single-color fabric. The pouch used in it supports your private parts very well. Further, to enhance the comfort factor of the lingerie, designers have incorporated polyamide and spandex. 
  • Spandex as a fabric gives you great stretachability and comfort as well. Whereas polyamide makes it lightweight lingerie. Wearers wearing a pair of lingerie feel comfortable and free while walking or exercising. Polyamide underwear for men is durable and even strong.
  • Because it’s a skinny pair of Mens Thong Underwear, I would recommend you to shave your private parts. Shaving down there will enhance your confidence as you have nothing down there to feel embarrassed about. 
  • Well, this sexy men’s underwear needs immense confidence to carry. Don’t give it a try if you think you can’t carry it. If you want something comfortable and sexy at the same time, give it a shot. 
  • This pair of mens thong can be machine washed. Further, you shouldn’t bleach or iron the style and so is Tumble dry. Instead, go for hang to dry.

Fabric Used:

Polyamide – spandex

Colors available:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • White
Mens thong Underwear
Image Source: Gooddevil
Good Devil Rocky Thong
Image Source: Gooddevil
Thong Underwear for men
Image Source: Good devil


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large 
  • X-large



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