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Underwear Review: Cover Male Hammock G-String for men

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The highlights of the Men’s G-string underwear

This delicate pair of men’s G-string underwear is skinny and designed for those who are proud of their assets.

The biggest highlight of this Men’s G-string is its waistband which appears as a string. Designed for your pleasure moments. Takes less time to get washed. This male G-string comes with a back panel that covers your butt crack.

About the brand

Cover Male’s future was predicted about 5 years ago and the brand was introduced to the male population in 2012. 

With its great underwear styles, this has made a special place in men’s hearts as well as in their closet. Cover Male covers styles such as men’s thong underwear conventional briefs, men’s boxer briefs , men’s brief underwear, and lots more.
For men who prefer fashionable men’s underwear over regular styles, Cover Male has come up with a wide range of men’s bikini underwear, G-string for men, men’s jockstrap underwear, and men’s underwear style. Well, the list doesn’t end here. To know more, visit the link given below:

About the men’s underwear

This male G-string covers your male genitals with the help of a contour pouch because of which your genitals remain safe and sound. 

Being a low-rise men’s lingerie you get the freedom to pair this with any trouser, skinny to low-waist trouser. G-strings for men are known for embracing the manly features rather than diminishing them so you can expect that same output from Cover Male Hammock G-string for men. But make sure you are confident in it. Such sexy styles look great when the wearer feels confident in it and is not worried about” how am I looking”? 

Image Source: Covermale

Hammock G-string for men includes polyamide and spandex as fabric composition. Polyamide and spandex create a strong bond that results in higher strength and flexibility. Also, being a skinny pair of men’s lingerie you feel more comfortable and get enough exposure.

This pair of men’s G-string does not promote labels hence you will find logos. The Cover Male logo has been placed on the pouch area. 

For better comfort and security, you need to be well versed with your size. Apart from size, you need to be very careful when it comes to washing them. Machine wash is not recommended. Harsh detergents and tumble dry can harm your lingerie. Let them get dry naturally and must be hand washed.

Image Source: Covermale


1.Skinny, lightweight and offers great leg movement.

2.Include a fabric panel at the back

3.String waistband

4.No lingerie labels

5.Available in various colors

6.Available in various sizes

7.Can be worn as a beachwear

8.Great for foreplay and sexual intercourse

To know more about Hammock G-string, click on the link mentioned below

Product fitting

The men’s g-string underwear fits like a second skin on the manhood and leaves the back open to feel the breeze and the assets stay cool. You would love how the fabric caresses. 

Best occasions

Special occasions

Fabric Used

Polyamide – spandex

Colors available











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