Private Structure Momentum Orange collection for a special occasion

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Momentum Orange Collection A collection for SPECIAL occasions. Momentum Orange is a provocative agent to trigger sparks and tantalize your desire.   Our mind-blowing designs and unconventional material are often infused into the creations with premium quality waistbands with embossed wording technology that gives you the luxe and extravaganza. Think-outside-the-box is the key to this collection, no tolerance for being ...


Underwear Motivation: Reconsidered Steel Micro 3-Pack Hip Brief

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Introduction Introducing Reconsidered Steel Micro 3-Pack Hip Brief by, a must-have style for men who takes comfort very seriously. This classic pair of men's brief underwear has been sculpted with a body-defining fit. Further, the feature that makes it super comfortable and easy to handle pair is the sustainable fabric that has been used in creating ...


It’s 2022 and guys should surely have men’s underwear talks

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Whether you like to call your underwear knickers, undies, or banana hammocks, the fact cannot be changed that men's underwear is an integral part of everyone's wardrobe. These days brands are coming up with various styles and it's time that guys should start be talking about men's underwear publicly, like a general conversation. The reason ...


PRIVATE STRUCTURE – PRD Collection of Mens Underwear

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Features that make this collection a must-have The PRIVATE STRUCTURE PRD Collection is inspired by the color of the rainbow with a design that enhances silhouette for a better fit to mens' body shape while incorporating bulge enhancing and butt-lifting cut.  Piping design around the thigh for aesthetic and function as brief life span elongation feature. This ...


PRIVATE STRUCTURE- venturing beyond the underwear

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PRIVATE STRUCTURE, founded in Kuala Lumpur –– the capital of Malaysia –– in 1999, is known for its Original Brand Manufacturer, by upholding a world-class product quality.  PRIVATE STRUCTURE creates a global distribution channel through variable product designs, unique store experiences and forceful marketing campaigns.  Image Source: Private Structure PRIVATE STRUCTURE has always boosted up the fashion ...


Why celebrating Thanksgiving with wine and men’s thong a good idea?

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It's Thanksgiving, you cannot be boring. You cannot stick to styles of lingerie. Thanksgiving is celebrated widely and this time it is on 25th November. This national holiday is celebrated on various days in places like the United States, Canada, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Liberia. Further, the reason for celebrating Thanksgiving is to pay tribute to ...